We are fighting on behalf of Texans whose access to ER care is being threatened. This is a matter of public health and safety—and we won’t back down.

Steer (verb)to control the course ofto guide by mechanical means

As a patient, you should make your own health care decisions. Do not allow yourself to be “steered” by others that may not have your best interests at heart. Access to reliable emergency care can be the difference between life and death. Where you seek emergency care is your decision—and no one else’s.

Patient “steering” involves someone else getting involved in directing patients’ decisions regarding:

  1. Who to see for medical care
  2. Where to seek medical care
  3. What kind of medical care a patient may need.

Increasingly, your insurance company is the worst offender in “steering” your patient care. Your insurer has a financial interest in directing you to the cheapest possible care out there (regardless of what care is needed or the effect the wrong care may have on your health or wallet).

When it comes to the quality and timeliness of care, your insurer has substantially less interest than your medical provider does in ensuring you receive the most appropriate medical treatment available.

While there are legislative efforts out there this Legislative Session to protect patients’ rights and access to care, there are also other bills that could make it more difficult for patients to access lifesaving care.

Write your legislator now to fight against dangerous patient steering. It’s #DeadlySerious.