We’ve #GotYouCovered

When we pay our outrageously expensive insurance premiums we should at least feel like we’re going to be covered in case of an emergency.  However insurance companies are actively trying to eliminate emergency care options around the country.  In an emergency, a person should never have to consider which network a facility or provider is part of. And they should seek the location and the level of care that they deem appropriate at the time of their emergency.

This problem is very real and it potentially impacts the physical and financial welfare of literally every person. It’s bad enough that we’re being forced to buy junk plans with increasing premiums, growing deductibles and shrinking networks. But now, insurance companies want to DENY, DELAY, or DECREASE the care they are legally obligated to cover, leaving all of us with surprise bills that should have been paid by the health plans.

This is going to be a long fight against the the big Insurance lobby, but it is one we must fight and must win!

What good is insurance if we can’t use it in an emergency! It’s MY EMERGENCY and it’s MY CHOICE!