Emergency Medical Care Benefits Could Be
Stripped From Our Most Vulnerable Citizens.

#EnsureAccess To Emergency Medical Care for those on Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE.

Tell your legislators to Support The Emergency Care Improvement Act NOW!

Have we learned nothing?! The pandemic showed us that immediate access to local emergency medical care is critical for all people…not just those on private insurance plans going to urban “in-network” hospitals.

For years now, patients on Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE have been allowed to go to their nearest qualified emergency care facility and be covered. However, for many of our country’s most vulnerable patients that access to care will be taken away if we don’t act now.

We must prevent a return to healthcare politics as usual, and protect our nation’s most vulnerable populations by telling your legislators to support The Emergency Care Improvement Act now!

Supporting The Emergency Care Improvement Act Helps Protect Vulnerable Patients:

  • #EnsureAccess to all qualified emergency care facilities, many of which are in underserved areas,  for people enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE.
  • Stop the potential loss of life caused by a lack of access to emergency care in underserved communities.