It's YOUR Emergency...


It’s time patients know the truth. Health insurance companies are increasingly denying coverage for your contractually covered emergency care. Every person is legally protected by the Prudent Layperson Standard, which states that YOU, not your insurance company, get to decide when and where you seek emergency care based on your symptoms.

The law is on your side. If you think you’re having a medical emergency and you go to the ER for treatment, your health insurance is legally, morally, and ethically obligated to cover your care.

Your legislators know this, and they have an opportunity to do something about it. Tell them you want your emergency care covered (the way it’s supposed to be).

Has Your ER Claim Been Denied?

If your visit to the emergency room has been denied by your insurance company, or you feel they didn’t cover enough of the costs, we want to hear your story.

Additionally, have you called your insurance company when you thought you were having a medical emergency and they told you to go to the urgent care? This is patient steering and we want to hear from you.

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Our Mission

We are a group of concerned Americans, made up of patients, physicians, nurses, billing specialists, and health insurance holders – just like you – tired of insurance companies being the dictators of our health. The prudent layperson law protects us from having to make costly, even deadly decisions about our healthcare and puts those decisions in the hands of our doctors, not a health insurance corporation. Health insurance companies are trying to take control of those rights and deny access to the emergency coverage that we pay for each month. Our mission is to tell the truth about the healthcare industry, health insurance companies, and be fully transparent about our emergency centers in order to bring the best quality and outcomes in emergency care to patients across the nation. We invite you to join us.

MyEmergencyMyChoice is a 501(c)(4) which seeks to educate members of the public and our patients about their rights with regards to emergency medical treatment. This legislative advertising was paid for by members of the MyEmergencyMyChoice (MEMC Board Member Rhonda Sandel). 206 East 9th Street, Suite 1300, Austin, TX 78701. email: media@myemergencymychoice.com